Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1/144 Patraqushe Mirage Review

My first successful work with Spray Painting, took me 3 days to finish this kit.

I would have to thank Gaijin Gunpla for showing for providing spray painting tutorial in Hobbylink Tv. if not i don't think the result would not be that good. I got this kit about 3 months ago from Hobbysearch but decided not to build it due to lack knowledge of handling this kit. Since this is the first time i use the spray paint properly, the result is not that perfect and i still have to learn more.

Patraqushe Mirage is another Mortar Headd created by Amaterasu, this MH is named after Patraqushe island where Floating palace which is the home of Amaterasu and his Mirage Knights resided. This mortar headd resemble with Knight of Gold because Amaterasu built this HM after he was overwhelmed with sadness after  his loss of her wife, Lachesis who was missing during the invasion of Kalamity.

The Fatima of this MH is Atropos, one of the last creations of Dr Chrome Ballanche which make this MH is known as Knight of Gold AT. Atropos is the oldest sister of Lachesis and Clotho, together they are known as Sisters of Fate. The headdliner of Patraqushe Mirage is Upandla Raymu who is another creation of Dr Ballanche that has same appearance with Amaterasu, later in the story he is in charge of the Amaterasu's kingdom, AKD after Amaterasu decide to live in seclusion. Upandla also has full control of Amaterasu's troops known as God's Army.

Upandla served as main villain in the future of FSS which is hinted by the vision of Atropos, it is fated that he will be the final opponent of Colus VI in the attempt of liberation of Joker Galaxy from AKD where Colus will win eventually with his Junchoon. The battle of Patraqushe Mirage and Junchoon is a tragic one since Atropos will have to fight Clotho and it is implied that both of them died during the destruction of Floating Palace where the battle takes place in the manga.

Accidentally i sanded some of the plastic runners which is probably the cause why some of the part looks not painted equally, can't be helped this time but there will no same mistake again. I use Tamiya Metal Gold spray paint for this kit which is pretty expensive(AU$25 for spray paint wtf!) but the result is satisfying and i like the color.

I don't think there are major problem for marking this time since it is the last step done unlike my LED Mirage -_-. The head sure have many curves and i bet the process of making the plastic runner is pretty tough with plenty of details included for the head. too bad since the head is relatively large which makes the eye is quite hidden.

Posing FSS kits is definitely one of the main issues, but this one is pretty severe considering this one was released on 1997 where the plastic quality definitely lacking.

This kit has 3 speids as the weapon accessory which i consider pretty lacking for this Gorgeous MH, in the lore Amaterasu decided to remove Buster Launcher for this MH since the previous KOG was too unstable with the buster launcher. Just like KOG Lachesis, Patraqushe Mirage does not equipped with Veil which proves the ability of the Headdliner.

Making this kit makes me decide to use spray painting for my level 3 kits and definitely i will spray paint my Mirage Sarion and LED Mirage ver 3. i wonder which one should i do first?


  1. Hey Yami, I think you are the only blogger who has more than 1 FFS kit review. I got a question regarding this Patraqushe Mirage, the kit comes in white, dull yellow/gold wannabe or actual chromed golden parts a la Hyakushiki?

    Other question, which type of gold spray paint you used? Tamiya TS-21 Gold (it is the standard one I've always used) or Tamiya TS-84 Metallic Gold? By the shots I assume it was the later, but in some of the pics it looks like the paint is not even or uniform over the model (some parts look silver actually, may be the lighting), but as far as I know, the TS-84 MUST be applied over black paint to maximize the metallic color effect.

    That aside, lately I've been digging this model along the Engage SR-1. I'll try to get them by April because March is gonna suck my wallet dry thanks to the Hades Myth Cloth and the Shiranui plamo from Muv Luv =p.

  2. It comes in dull yellow runner for all of the parts. I used the TS-84 for this kit(which i shouldn't) and i know the result of the kit is abit off since this was my first actual spray painting attempt.

    As for me i don't think i will get any FSS kits until mid of this year since i bought too many kits this time -_- and i still had LED Mirage Ver 3 unbuilt.

  3. I see. I think I'll try to get this one in February and use the TS-21 Gold on it.

    I wonder if Wave is gonna release more 1/144 plamos. Their last one was the SR-3 and that was like 1 year ago or so...

  4. Hopefully they do though i doubt we will get more than 2 kits each year. I wish they do 1/144 Bang Doll or Mighty series but Engage SR-2 seems fine for me as well.

  5. Very nice, had a good look at yours before I worked on mine. Used Tamiya Gold, but for my KOG ver3 I will use Starbright by GaiaNotes.

  6. I saw your KoG AT in Figure fm and it is really beautiful work. You gave the proper treatment that the kit deserved.