Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finished ACE 3

But it will be for a while until i am bored with this game.

Finally i finished this game for the second time, it took me 8 hours to finish the game kinda short for action game i suppose though i still have more than 1/3 of units to be unlocked.

I used YF-19 to beat the final stage since i really like macross units in this game. This game makes me interested with Macross Plus and i loved Information High.

I would say the control of Macross unit in this game is the best compared to other Macross game. Even though they are not the best units in this game, i find these Variable Fighters are really fun to use. These VFs are really suitable for capturing bases in several missions since they are really fast compared to Gundams and able decimate grunts easily with the micro missile and 3 transformation mode is really awesome. SDF Macross and Macross Plus are the available units to be played in this game and i would recommend to use 3 VF-1S in the same mission(with strike pack if possible) because the Combination attack is really awesome.

So the final boss in this game is Shin Dragon from the Getter Robo, didn't expect this one when i play for the first time. The battle is pretty straight forward though i hate chasing the dragon since it moves unbelievably fast and probably you won't be able to chase it from behind. I remembered that my unit HP was left up to around 1000 and i barely win but this time managed to have my HP remain above 5000 point though it is still no good.

After the final battle there will be a cut scene where everybody return to their planet, Barrel comes together with Fey and decided to go to Fey's homeworld. From what i can interpret during conversation it seems that Barrel has some kind of close relationship with the main villain Berkt, my guess is that Berkt is the alter ego of Barrel in the other world.

These are the main 3 ships used in this game compared to the prequel where it only has one or two ships used. Though the story in this game mainly use story from Gundam X, Eureka 7 and Overman king Gainer, there is a stage where Garrod, Renton and Gainer confess their love to their romantic interest probably to distract the boss in the stage and i find it pretty hilarious.

That's how fey looks like, she is also your navigator during the intermission. I wonder Autumn does the same thing as well in ACE:R.

Currently i am on my second run to unlock the units in certain stages since there are branching routes in this game and try to clear secret mission as possible. I am planning to play SRW @3 or SD Gundam G Generation Wars after playing this game.

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