Monday, September 20, 2010

Thoughts about Darker than Black Ryuusei no Gemini

It is okay but no better than the first season.

Finally i finished this anime where i left off a month ago, personally DTB series are ordinary for me so i don't really about it.

The second season focus with Suou Paclivhenko, a Russian girl who lived a normal life with his brother Shion until his brother got kidnapped.While Suou tried to find a way to find his brother, She was targeted by various contractor organization without knowing the reasone herself and taken by Hei in the end. Suou follow Hei unwillingly since she was targeted by others already and she learned herself that she is a contractor thus Hei decided to train him.

Her contracctor ability is Large rifle resemble a sniper rifle which Suou can create one from her necklace and the fire power of the rifle is really strong. I don't think it looks convincing for me that lolis wielding large rifle can even shoot the target properly.

Relationship of Suou with Hei initially is hatred due to constant physical abuse but eventually she falls in love with him just like other girls since he still accept Suou as it is after learning some truth about her.

The new contractors introduced in this season is section 3, one of the contractor possess ability of turning sword into Lightsaber in exchange of kissing man. The other one able to use the solid material around him to form armor that protect him.

Hei in this season initially shown to be hardened as ever, apparently he lost his contractor ability in this season but his physical ability remain which allows him to fight other contractor with chances of winning. The aim for Hei this time is to supposedly killing Yin for certain reason unexplained in this season.

The story of this season is still okay but some fans might be dissapointed since Ryuusei no Gemini do not continue directly from what are left in First season. I don't like this season because the story start with a red haired loli who had no connection whatsoever from the first season though i think it has something to do with fanservice. The ending for the series is pretty anticlimatic i suppose and probably there is a good chance of 3rd season.

The main conclusions of the end of this season are:
-There is a paralel world in the world where Hei lives in
-America take over Japan from Syndicate
-Hei disappear again while carrying Yin
-Suou live in the paralel world

The battle animation in the 2nd season is still awesome as always though certainly it really lacks of, just like the first season plenty of body counts. The pacing is okay compared to the first season though certainly some of the parts have horrible pace. You might consider to watch this season if you watched the first season but nothing to lose if not watching this season. For people who haven't watched DTB before, you won't miss plenty of thing if you didn't watched the first season.

Final Score: 6/10

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