Saturday, September 4, 2010

Knights of the Round

Excalibur, Ho!

So this week i am reviewing another classic arcade game, and this time it is one of the Beat em up capcom's title which is Knights of the round. Capcom release plenty of beat em up titles on early 90s and most if not all of them are quality stuffs. Knights of the round loosely based on Arthurian legends complete with the Excalibur. What sets apart this game apart from other Beat'em Ups in its time was the level up feature which upgrades the characters cosmetically when reached certain threshold.

The Knights of the Round

In Knights of the Round King Arthur is accompanied by 2 of his future Knights, Lancelot and Perceval undergoing the quest of fighting Britain's evil guys and getting the Holy Grail at the same time.

First of the 3 playable character is the King Arthur himself with his famed Excalibur. He served as all-rounder character with balanced status, His standard combo and heavy attack is really useful but otherwise he is not that good. I like the earlier forms of King Arthur but later his design is pretty bad  as his design follows "bigger is better " principle which just doesn't work for him mainly because his sword gets uglier in his last levels

King Arthur's form change

The second playable character is Lancelot and probably my favorite character and probably everyone else too with his fabulous long flowing blonde hair. the strongest knight that King Arthur will have in the future since in this game Lancelot is still looking for a worthy King to serve for. Lancelot is the fastest character in the game which makes him easy to out-maneuver the creeps in the game in exchange of slight weaker low power. Easily the most beginner friendly character, i think Lancelot is the best when he is mounted on horse since his attack is pretty much deadly on the horseback. His weapon of choice is saber which later turns into falchion which is probably Arondight.

Lancelot's form change:

The last playable character is Perceval who is one of the knight of King Arthur as well, he serve as powerhouse , even though he is abit slower he packs quite a punch. He is capable of taking out the grunt in single hit and sis Jumping slash is pretty deadly when it land. Percival also the only one who capable of doing short dash as well. As Perceval levels up at some point he becomes bald for some reason.

Here are the forms of Percival:

The bosses in the game, wonder what Samurai to do with Arthurian legend.

It seems that i forgot to take the screen shot of the 3rd boss, basically th 3rd boss is the silver version of the final boss. In the final stage, there will be 2 mini boss before you face the final boss.

Each characters has their respective endings though in the end the ending are pretty much
the same. you can also see all of the characters final form in Percival's ending

I would recommend any beat em up fans to try this game since it is easily one of the better of its kind during its era, you can also play this game on Capcom classic collection Reloaded which is available for PSP and PS2 if my memory serves correctly.

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