Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Gundam Games for Iphone


Thanks to SRW Hotnews for this info.

This winter Bandai Namco plan to release SD Gundam G Generation touch and Gundam fighting spirit , i didn't see this coming since from my experience Namco Bandai is not that serious with Iphone platform considering the game that they have released so far such as Ace Combat X2 or Ridge Racer.

I will definitely looking forward for SD Gundam G Generation touch since i played G Generation before and enjoyed it, i just wonder if the rosters will be limited due to the size limitation from Itunes Apps and probably it won't have voice over features. For the Gundam fighting spirit, it resemble Gundam Battle Assault from PS1 based from the screenshot, If this game is for PSP it would be more convincing since Iphone are not meant for fighting games but probablythe mechanism will end up like Steet Fighter for ipod touch.

I didn't see Namco Bandai  would release Gundam games on Iphone considering the market in Japan is not that big(Except Dannychoo is a big fan of Apple), but probably it is only a recycled game just like other Major Japanese gaming company mostly do(FF1, Phoenix Wright, Street Fighter). For the SD Gundam Generation touch i would estimate the price would hit up to 12.99 AUD on the first release which is the max price for game apps and for Gundam fighting spirit perhaps it will be around 7.99 to 12.99 AUD.

These gives me another reason to get a ipod touch since i am pretty big fan of those games. I don't think they will be released on Western Market(which is the better way) but i hope it will be still available for the users from the west to buy. These games show some insight for another new gundam games in the future i believe.


  1. Im soooo going to get this game on my Iphone =D

  2. It is actually possible to purchase this G Gen Touch via the use of iTunes Japan giftcard which can be purchased from JList.

    G Gen Touch turned out to be a port of G Gen Mobile which was previously released as a mobile game in Japan. The MS and characters roster are limited to UC timelime.

    Ikusagami has the full details and review of the game which can be read via the link below.