Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gundam Cafe Special Menu

Promotion for the upcoming Gundam 00 movie.

I found these pics when stumbling on /m/ and I guess i am a bit envious with people in Japan especially who live in Tokyo, the Gundam cafe will release special menus based on Gundam 00 Character.This campaign supposedly to last for a month, i guess Bandai put a good use of the gundam cafe for their promotion campaign since Gundam is serious business for them lol.

I think this will be served during lunch and last until the menu runs out, i guess the menu decoration looks pretty good. From what i can interpret here are menus:

Setsuna x Graham: Cheese Pizza + Ham Gratin(puns i suppose?)
Alelujah X Marie: Salami Pizza + Spaghetti Salad(is there any type of that food?)
Lockon x Anew: Sardine topping pizza & Sweet potato Tart
Tieria x Ribbon: Porchini pasta and Romanesco salad?
Dessert: Puru Puru Haro and Dessert pizza with apricot sauce

The price doesn't look that bad though it seems the menu is for 2 people though i rather think it is menu for one person, there are promotions as well during the trans-am time where people get special topping powder(fresh from the GN Drive?!). Based from it looks probably i will pick Ale x Marie menu.

Other than the lunch menu the promotion also has special cocktails, non alcoholic and alcoholic one. The non alcoholic one are Haros cocktail and each Celestial Being Master has their own cocktail and Patrick Colosaur happen to get one as well. Again based from it looks i will try Lockon cocktail if i had a chance.

So guys what are your picks?

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  1. All the drinks look very interesting and yummy~! Though I'm not sure I can say the same for the food though... but they are well decorated ^^;. I sure would like to try them if they are still available when I get to Japan...

    Just added your link to my blogroll :)