Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mangas that i read currently

Keroro Gunsou, Cromartie High school, Bartender and Hokuto no Ken.

Sharing my thoughts about them.

I tend read more manga compared to watching anime, since it takes less time to understand the story and i do not really have time to watch Anime. so now i am sharing my opinions about the manga that i have mentioned above.

First is Keroro Gunsou/Sgt Keroro, basically it is comedy slice of life manga with plenty of parody especially mecha series in particular. The story begin with Frog Alien called Keroro with his team are trying to invade earth but Keroro end up living with a human family short after landing on earth due to certain circumstances.
The story main revolves around Keroro and his platoon trying to conquer the earth with various plans but in the end failed because of plenty of reasons. I find the manga is quite interesting since it kinda remind me with Doraemon because there are plenty of special tools introduced from chapters to chapters, the character interactions are really funny like Keroro always find himself abused physically by Natsumi or Dororo becomes cannon fodder due to deliberate action by Keroro.

Overall if you like Doraemon you might be interested with Keroro.

The second manga i am reading is Cromartie high school which is comedy manga as well, the story revolves around a normal high school student who ends up studying in Highschool for delinquents, apparently the highschool is not a normal school because there are some strange students from Gorilla to Tin Robot who thought himself as a human. At first you won't really understand the joke but as it goes further there are plenty of good jokes in the manga. The drawing might be terrible considering the year it was released but it gives some kind of distinction for this manga.

The third manga i am reading is Bartender, pretty good seinen manga since teens may find this manga boring due to lack of elements of shounen manga. The story revolves around a talented young bartender who earn title of "Glass of Gods" for his ability. The bartender are travelling from bar to bar for getting experience while helping his customers to overcome their problem by giving them cocktails he made. The manga provide broad knowledge about liquors and each cocktails shown from chapters to chapters have pretty deep meaing. The story is very good though sometimes it is abit over exaggerating. If you want to find alternative manga to read Bartender would be good option.

Last manga i currently read is Hokuto no Ken, no doubt this manga is really popular during its time, Hokuto no Ken is shounen manga for teens since it shows plenty of gore violence since the main character is able to kill people with their bodies explode from inside. The story of this manga is about the adventure of Kenshirou master of Hokuto Shin-Ken helping weaker people by defeating the bad guys, the manga takes place on post apocalyptic universe due to nuclear war where food and water are scarce and precious resources. As the stories go on Kenshirou encounter stronger opponents with distinct martial art style but he always manage to win in the end. This manga really show essence of MANliness, Kenshirou and some character he fought are really manly which result in epic battle. Overall drawing quality are really something else consider the year it was released which is 1980s and the story and feeling somehow reminds me of Berserk which is awesome manga as well. Currently i only have read up to 6th volume but i believe i will enjoy the stories, i would recommend anyone to read this manga since it is one of the best ever written.

So guys, what are you reading currently and anything to recommend?

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