Friday, March 2, 2012

Denjin Makai 2 / Guardians

One of the great hidden gems of Arcade Beat em Ups

I didn't really talk about arcade gems alot, but this is one of the good beat em up game which are made by developers other than Capcom which are well known for their high tier games of this Genre back in 90s. While hidden gem might be an overstatement for Denjin Makai, i would say wasted potential is more fitting word for this game since i had plenty of fun playing this game.

Just like other beat em ups, Denjin Makai have little to no stories and plenty of actions. Basically it is a typical game of superheroes chasing down an evil scientist. This game features 8 playable character which is alot by this genre standard and each characters are quite unique.

Each characters have 6 special moves which are oriented from screen swiper, uppercut or projectile. while the way to trigger the technique is the same for all characters but each characters move differed significantly in terms of effectiveness. Out of 8 characters the best ones are Skullbyle who is really powerful despite being really slow and Girulian who is a Cyclops clone that hits pretty hard and fast with his special moves. But my favorite would be Jinrei who is really cool ninja and i always used him when i played this game in arcade back when i was a kid.

This game had quite great potential as beat em up game due to its rather deep gameplay, however the game only have 5 stages and each of stages are not that long either thus making the fun last quite short. But you will likely to ejoy these 5 stages nevertheless and i managed to reach stage 4 boss before i get game over.

Denjin Makai is quite forgettable game since they didn't really deliver any significant impact for most players unlike the Capcom games which are superb from start to the end. I am also quite surprised that the developer of SRW series are the one who made this game though i would suspect they do collaborate with Winkysoft for this game. Next time i will write an article for one of the best Beat em up games.

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