Saturday, April 28, 2012

Macross 7: Galaxy is calling me

I had watched Macross 7 few years ago along with several OVAs but out of all i didn't watch this spin off for some reason. I recall this is one is a movie but i think it is more like an OVA due to its short duration. Galaxy is calling me is the Macross 7 spin off that took place near the end of TV series which it tells what happen to Basara who got folded by Protodeviln around episode 45 to a planet and have to fend off against their attack along with Emilia, one of Mylene's older sister(who seems to have a crush with Basara as well). While i find the OVA is mediocre compared to other Macross 7 OVAs (Fleet of Strongest Woman comes in mind), Heart and Soul is really good just like other Fire Bomber's song. With this i have completed all Tv series and OVA for Macross 7 and that makes Tv series of SDF Macross left to make me finished watching all Macross series. Personally Macross 7 is my 2nd favorite Macross series after Plus because Fire Bomber's music is just really awesome. I really recommend watching the Tv series which is quite fun ride despite it is taking a while for the series to be getting good. Now i am looking forward for Basara-sama in Saisei Hen!

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