Thursday, October 18, 2012

1/100 EF-2000 Typhoon

After some teaser by Kotobukiya around mid of this year, now they finallized the release date of the kit. With the price of 5880, Typhoon will be set for release around February next year which is roughly the same time around with Shiranui UN version release on this year. The kit is more expensive compared to average Muv-luv kit on the same scale due to the inclusion of Mk-54 Rifle and we can probably expect some improvement compared to the previous lineup. EF-2000 is one of 3rd Gen TSF comparable to Takemikazuchi mainly used in Europe and first saw in action in Rain Dancers sidestory from Alt Chronicles 0. The Typhoon version that kotobukiya released would be the Cerberus Team version which are one of the West Germany TSF team stationed in Great Britain border fighting against BETA. I am still undecided to get this kit since it doesn't include the Longsword variant that Typhoon used and it is likely that Koto will release some other Typhoon variant later next year.

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