Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MG Tallgeese announced!

From the Japan Hobby Show this month, Bandai finally announced the MG kit of Tallgeese after all this years to be released on January next year with the price tag of 3800 Yen. With the Tallgeese release, the EW lineup is finally completed at lasr! Probably the kit will look slightly different compared to original lineart since it is EW version which the other Wing Gundam team got new design for their Gundam. Tallgeese is probably one of the strongest variant of Leo which is one of the few MS that can rival the 5 Gundam in one on one combat despite being an older model. The downside of Tallgeese is that this MS is really hard to pilot like a wild horse which have caused some of the pilots died from piloting Tallgeese including Wufei's late wife. Again i won't be getting this kit unless i cleared significant portion of my kits but this is a great buy for those who have been looking for MG Tallgeese for all these years.


  1. since its the EW novel version, based also on the picture above, it is not tallgeese III of course right?
    - the pic doesn't have the very long buster rifle of the tallgeese III in the OVA
    - also doesn't have the shield with that whip-like thing in the end

  2. Design wise it is pretty much looks like a Tallgeese 1 with that Dobergun and Head crest.

  3. That is definitely Talgeese I, but I'm more interested in the MG Nu Gundam ver. Ka than this

  4. The Tallgeese is NOT a variant of the Leo. It's the forerunner of all mobile suits in the AC era, including the Gundams.

  5. It is just literal comparison, should have said they are cousins. Tallgeese is the base model for Leo and the closest one in terms of look of all OZ MS series. If i remembered correctly when the Tallgeese helmet is removed, Tallgeese's head resemble with Leo.