Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chogokin Fate/Zero Archer Gilgamesh

We have got some Gilgamesh Figurine back then but we rarely have the one in the battle form. Finally Bandai decided to release an Action Figure of Gilgamesh under Chogokin lineup along with Saber as a commemoration for Fate/Zero anime. There is no price tag announced for Gil yet but we can expect that he will be more expensive than Saber which is tagged for 7500 yen.  From the prototype model, Gil is equipped with his trusted Ea which is one of the few Anti-World Noble Phantasm. There is a good chance that Gil's armor can be cast off like Armor Plus lineup but it is not certain yet. Gilgamesh is probably my favorite servant in Fate series because He have really cool personality despite his arrogance. If Fate/Extra CCC ever got translated probably i will try to get Gilgamesh as my first servant in the game playthrough.


  1. ... Looks like a Myth Cloth. Weird, but I dig the armor. However... the Ea sword will be made of diecast? And how heavy it will be to actually NEED a stand for the figure to lift it?

  2. I was wondering what the scale on these will be? Or the height roughly of the figures? I usually only collect Figma's but I'll most likely get this Gilgamesh. Though, I'm pretty sure it will be bigger than a figma so I was wondering how big

  3. I think the Gilgamesh's chogokin would be between 1/8 or 1/10 scale which is around 18cm on average because that's the usual size that Bandai make for their figure and considering the price tag will be more than 7000 yen.