Sunday, October 7, 2012

PS Vita GET!

I have been eyeing for PS Vita since its start and waiting for good chance to buy it. With the recent Little Big Planet bundle i finally decided this is the time for me to get one of this PSP successor. I bought the bundle from JB-Hifi for $300 which got the best offer at the moment compared to other retail store in my place. For $300 you get the PS Vita LBP Bundle with overpriced accessories pack and FIFA 13. I got Little Deviants instead of FIFA since the game run out of stock which is better for me since i don't play soccer games. At the moment i am getting Wipeout 2048 and Touch my Katamari for my Vita Gaming library, but i am  also looking forward to US release of DJ MAX Technika tune which is probably the main reason i am getting a Vita right now. I hope Vita will live up to its expectation and possibly surpass older brother, PSP which have satisfied me for years and given me the best portable gaming experience.

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