Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Last Raven Zinaida Route cleared!

I am currently playing Last Raven on my PS Vita which works really well which i still use my PSP control scheme. After i finished 3 out of 5 possible route, i think myself that i am ready to take on Zinaida's route. By far Zinaida is probably the hardest(and cheapest) AC boss that i have ever faced, way harder compared to Ofanim or IBIS. But just like other opponent in Armored Core, if you know what are you doing, then you will have no problem. After hundred times of shameful defeat, i finally take her down with Medium build AC with Close ranged weapons and EO core which is particularly helpful. While her Railgun seems intimidating,  Zinaida's pulse rifle is the one that you need to watch out for since it can tear down your AP in blink of seconds but fortunately she won't use it much. After Zinaida's route i am planning to do Pulverizer 2 route which will make the 5th playthrough that i did in Last Raven.


  1. Wait, you beat Zinaida's route using PSP control scheme (as in, controlling the camera via d-pad)!? O_o
    I acknowledge you as on heck of a badass!

  2. Lol thanks for the compliment, Zinaida is very difficult opponent but still beatable. The main problem fighting against her is that she stays out of your sight-lock most of the time which is why EOs are really useful for fighting her.