Sunday, March 20, 2016

Choudenji Machine Voltes V

 When i am not procrastinating, i guess i can get things done really fast. Finished marathoning Voltes V and with this 2 of 3 Nagahama Trilogy finished and i will be waiting for Daimos. The series was quite popular in Southeast Asia around late 80s especially in Phillipines and i can see why. Overall Voltes V is Combattler V with Sword and plot-wise it fared slightly better but worse in terms of romance. Just like Combattler V, Voltes still use Monster of the week formula but this time the drama was improvised with more interesting Plot Twists. The main casts are pretty much identical with Combattler V with slight personality swap here and there with Kenichi being more serious compared to Hyoma. I think Voltes V originally intended to be around 50 Episodes but was cut to 40 instead due to sponsor issues. Nevertheless it do tie most of the loose ends but perhaps Heinel would surpassed Garuda by greater margin or the series had better ending if Voltes run on its intended length.

 While the series have aged greatly considering a late 70s anime, Voltes V did huge influence on japanese media. Without Voltes V arguably we will never see Banpresto's Mascot SRX considering the latter got some of its design based on Voltes. SRW games did give good homage to Voltes V and other Nagahama Trilogy titles in which Voltes and Combattler usually get tag team attacks and Alpha 3 is the best one up until now but J and L are quite good too.

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