Saturday, March 12, 2016

Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 Arado's playthrough Complete!

 Looks like it took me 3 weeks to complete my SRW@2 second playthrough which is not that bad considering my procrastination habit on SRW. Back then before i begin my first run on Alpha 2, i promised myself to do Arado Balanga's playthrough at very least since Wildwurger was one of my favorite SRW Original. Compared to Ibis playthrough Arado's was much more a breeze obviously with NewGame+bonus which i got 6 Million cash and proceed to curbstomp everything with my Upgraded units. Compared to my First playthrough however, Arado's playthrough is slightly boring early on since he is stuck with mediocre Huckebein MkIII in the first half of the game and frankly speaking Arado is rather mediocre Pilot with crap original Seishin pool. But still he is one of my favorite guy with his Happy-go-lucky attitude.

 In Alpha 2 Arado get his Wildwurger around stage 30 and then Seolla joins with Wildfalken after few stages. Compared to Hyperlion it lacks ALL or MAP attacks which make Arado hard to rack up Kill Counts. In exchange Wildwurger is better Boss Killer compared to Hyperlion though probably not as strong as Daizengar. Once fully upgraded, Wildwurger and Wildfalken are probably some of the best support units in the game as both Arado and Seolla got Support Attack Lv4. Put them nearby Tough enemies and let other Unit take a dip on the unit first while either of the Twin Birds support them and you will find those unit will die in no time since they are quite capable of providing 30k worth of damage from support in a single turn once fully upgraded. On top of that Arado's route is the only route where you gets upgrade carried over for Viletta and Ratsel's Huckebein if you upgraded Arado's early on which means Two Solid Support Units

 I think compared to other character's storyline comparison with their OG counterpart, i think Arado's is the most intact one without much changes when he appeared in OGs. He is still carefree though can be mature sometimes and easily chowing down 3 people worth of food servings. Where as Seolla is very tsundere toward Arado and even the Alpha Number casts remark that she and Arado made a good couple despite her denial. In Alpha timeline Arado and Seolla are still Young Pilots trained from Institute called "School" and they are the only survivors from the institute. In Alpha 2 they served for Titans under Yazan and just like OGs, Arado's piloting skill is rather lacking and soon he is sent for booby trapped Huckebein MkIII and thought to be KIA by Seolla. Long story short Arado's got rescued by Alpha Numbers and joined them while trying to convince Seolla to join his side with less brainwashing. Compared to his OGs counterpart, Arado is more melancholy here in Alpha 2 for some reason.

 Irui as always a very adorable girl no matter whose route's is. Compared to Ibis route, Irui didn't play as important role for Arado but he still treat her as little sister and played together with the kids in Alpha Numbers. Once Seolla joins Alpha Numbers, Irui played matchmaker for Arado and Seolla which leads to flustered moment for Seolla. Unlike Ibis route, Arado manages to save Irui after the fight with Ganeden and at the ending they are waiting for Seolla to find them.

This my Killcount stats and Squad Arrangement for Arado's playthrough. I tried my best to make Arado's killcount as high as possible but lacking of multi targeting attacks make it hard to catch up with MAP attackers like Heero and Judau. Compared to my first playthrough, my squad is more organized as i flocked all the flying squad and all of my Hard Hitters got access to 直撃 Seishin as well as everyone have SP REgen! However this time i don't even need the 直撃 Seishin to beat the Final Boss which i steamrolled within 2 Turns instead of grueling 6 turns in my first playthrough. I got all of my units that have 脱力 Seishin spammed it until Ganeden's Willpower fallen to 50 and she falls apart easily as long as you don't use platoon attacks which make her recover her Willpower very fast.

With Arado's playthrough completed, i will take a break from Alpha 2 for now and probably play other SRW before i get back to this game again which won't be until i finished my Alpha 1 Playthrough. As for my 3rd playthrough i will definitely do Zengar's with my curiosity whether Ibis or him got better interaction with Irui.

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