Thursday, March 24, 2016

Muteki Koujin Daitarn 3

 Throughout my playthrough of SRW, Daitarn 3 always held rather high impression on me having really catchy BGM and Banjo being one of the few Super Robot Pilot who possess Soul Seishin. Considering how Banpresto treated the series rather highly, i decided to give Daitarn 3 a watch. Overall it is your average 70s Robot Animation directed by Tomino save for the Shock Value at the last episode.

To put it simply the overall tone of the series turns completely from lighthearted silly antics to rather dark and depressing one. Daitarn 3's ending is rather ambiguous one but in my opinion can be interpreted as the descent of a hero towards madness as he is hell bent to exact his vengeance. In the beginning of the series, Daitarn 3's protagonist Banjo Haran introduced as James Bond clone with Robot, a suave and charming guy however shortly after the final battle suddenly everyone close to him abandon him for unexplained reason which imply he is former husk of himself after he destroys Meganoid from his extreme obsession toward revenge. Daitarn 3's last episode probably some of the showcase of Tomino's directing that earned him his nickname but i just find it rather distasteful for Daitarn 3. For me the series doesn't have enough proper buildup for such depressing conclusion though i guess Tomino had a reason for it like to spite the sponsor for instance. Daitarn 3's setting could have been used as a mature robot drama with adult romance which unfortunately the trend at the time was completely way around and both the protagonist and bad guys never get any character development. In terms of production value Daitarn 3 lose to Nagahama's trilogy as most of the episodes are rather weak and the monster of the week design are uninspiring most of the time.

 Even so, watching Daitarn 3 makes me appreciate the Banpresto treatment of the series in their game in which they take all the good parts of the series while leaving the undesirables away. Daitarn 3 in Alpha series is not too Shabby but Banjo is pretty awesome in SRW Z where he get team attack with Trider and Zambot 3. Grungust is also probably Banpresto's homage to the series as well in which Irm inherit some of Banjo's personality. In the end while my opinion toward Daitarn 3's anime is low, i will always keep its incarnation in SRW in high regard

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