Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monster Hunter Generations

  Kinda see this is going to happen as 4U was a great success for Capcom in the west, slated for mid of this year we are getting MHX renamed as Monster Hunter Generations to be released in the west. Personally i won't be getting this one as 4 Ultimate is my last MH Games on 3DS, as long as the series stuck on 3DS.

I have nothing against Nintendo but i personally think won't get to its fullest potential if it is stuck on 3DS for many reasons. I was really hyped for 4 Ultimate back then but was really disappointed with the game which contributes to the reason why i think 3DS doesn't suit for MH. Firstly 4U was such a rushed out product that you will find lack of Quest variety in Grank Guild, then 4th Gen was the worst when it comes to level design. As for the community i was really sad with the 3DS Community for this game which majority are either Munchkins or Noobs and i think next MH should have some measures to make railroading harder. Lastly the Apex mechanics are terrible as it deviates from its original purposes making the monsters annoying instead of challenging.While i won't be getting the game i will support the series by buying the merchandises.

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