Saturday, March 26, 2016

FAF Wildwurger Review

The Shrike takes flight!

 It has been not too long since i finished my Arado's playthrough on SRW Alpha 2 and i think it is good time for me to review this version of Wildwurger made by Volks as i get myself remember about this guy. I got this toy from Mandarake years ago for 1000 Yen which is really cheap for this stuff.

 In Alpha 2 Wildwurger is still developed by Mao Industry and intended as close-range Personal Trooper which is piloted by one of the two Real Robot Protagonist in the game' Arado Balanga. Wildwurger is equipped with Tesla Drive for flight-capability and Jacket Armor for enhanced protection. As the main armament, Wildwurger is equipped with Stag Beetle Crusher which is based on Arado's combat pattern. The Personal Trooper is intended as partner unit of Wildfalken in which they are able to perform Twin Bird Strike Maneuver when teamed together.

These are all of the contents inside FAF Wildwurger Box. Unfortunately the FAF version of Wildwurger doesn't come with Cast Off gimmick for the Jacket Armor but Volks do have High Mobility Wildwurger sold as single or packaged with Wildfalken as Twin Bird Strike pack.

 Wildwurger Standard equipment includes Cold Metal Sword, M90 Assault Rifle and Vulcan on the left arm that also acts as Scabbard for the sword. Since Arado is Melee oriented pilot, in my Alpha 2 playthrough he wrecked everything pretty much with his Sword or Victim Beak and left the ranged unused.

  Wildwurger design is based on bird called Shrike that is well known to impale its victims on thorn or spiky stuffs and then tear them to shreds. Wildwurger's Stag Beetle Crusher pretty much fulfills the role of pinning down opponent while Wildfalken delivers out the punishment.

 Compared to Kotobukiya's Wildwurger, The FAF version stands slightly shorter as seen in the pictures compared to my 1/144 Wildwurger L which is not in best condition after thousand kms of journey. Personally i think Kotobukiya's 1/100 is still the best rendition of Wildwurger which i am planning to get again eventually. If you are interested with the FAF, while i doubt it is out in Mandarake for 1000 yen that often again but usually it get sold around 2000 Yen easily nowadays.


  1. Looks like you got a steal for this piece. I'm more of a WildFalken fan though, very much due to the female pilot. The thing I like about this piece is that it came all done and painted. The Banpresto figure seems to me like exclusive toy that supposedly came the DVD bundle. I could be wrong. It's nice but I prefer bigger mecha toy so I didn't start this line..

    1. From what i know the FAF lineup used to be mail-order from magazine and most of them stands about 15-16 cm which are at least bigger than average 1/144 Gunpla and thus i collect them. I like Seolla too though she is not my most favorite SRW Girls.