Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rifts: Promise of Power

 10 Years ago N-Gage failed to compete against Nintendo but it doesn't mean that the platform did not have good games, in fact it does have some good Western RPG games on it. Rifts: Promise of Power was one of them and it is one of the few game in the platform that leaves such lasting impression to me. While Shadows over Mystara introduce me to Role-Playing series, Rifts was the one that introduce me to the mechanics of these Pen-and-Paper Games.

 Rifts: Promise of Power is a turn-based RPG games that follows closely to the rules of the Pen-and-Paper RPG Rifts. In this game you play either as Mercenary, Psychic or Mage exploring the Dystopian world of Rifts. In the setting of the Rifts, Earth turned into hellish landscape as Aliens including Dragons enter the Planet through Dimensional Portal called Rifts. In this game you will find allies to join your journey and fight enemies ranging from Draconian Purist Coalition Deadboys, Undeads wandering in Wilderness to Insect Alien Creature called Xiticix. At some point in the game, your character will get a job change and each starting class have different classes to choose from. Ranging from Chivalrous Psionic-Energy Sword wielding Cyber Knight or Super-Human but Short Life-Span Juicer to the game to Infamous Power Armor with Giant Cannon called Glitterboy.

 For a mobile game, Rifts: Promise of Power had such good production value that is capable of creating immersive world with limited specs. I remembered that i finished this game clocking 24Hours with my Glitter Boy which is capable of dealing serious damage with his back-mounted cannon with the Support of Invoker who is capable of pulling some nasty spells with the support of Leyline. It was such a waste that Rifts series never get any more video-games after the N-Gage considering it has the potential to be a good RPG like the DnD adaptation Baldur's Gate. Here are some more of the game screenshots that i took back when i played the game.

Pyromaniac Burster
Battle Magus
Cyber Knight

Coalition Deadboy and Dogboy



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