Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Gashapon T-Arts The Drawer Review

 One of Gashapon that i happen to own as i am finding accessories for my growing 1/12 Figure Collection. Takara happen to make some of their Gashapon to complement Figma sized figures like Pokemon Gacha Machine. While this one is not as flashy as the former, the Drawer Gashapon makes a nice addition for anyone planning to make some room based Diorama.

 For this version of Gashapon Drawer, it comes with 2 Variants; Tall and Short Drawer and 3 Different Colors; Green, White Red. Probably this is not the first of Drawer Type Accessories for 1/12 Figure but it is still quite affordable with 200 Yen a Pop for each drawer. The Drawer are stackable but doesnt stick, The Gashapon also come with Wheels and stickers as optional parts. Each Color Variants are compatible each other so you can stack them in any configuration you prefer and surprisingly with three colors you can replicate plenty of Nation flags already!

 I use my Figma Makoto and Aigis as size comparison this Gashapon and despite its plain design you can store plenty of 1/12 Accessories as long as it is not oversized. Probably the Drawer Gashapon suits best for Office or Classroom themed Diorama. This review maybe rather short since there are nothing much to showcase but if you are interested you can still get the Drawer Gashapon Here.


  1. Very suitable for Figma and serious practical usage for Figma accessories storage hehe 😉

    1. It is! though i used the drawer for my Gundam Gashapon Spare Parts