Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nendoroid 937 Reinhard Von Lohengramm

 I saw the Prototype for Nendoroid Yang Wenli from the new LOGH a while ago but turns out Kaiser Reinhard got the first dibs. Scheduled for This year's November release with 5000 Yen Price Tag, Reinhard von Lohengramm from the LOGH Reboot series, is getting a Nendoroid treatment. Being Overpriced as usual, i think Reinhard could have used a miniature of his Flagship Brunhild as his Nendoroid Accessories but his throne chair doesn't look too bad. Nevertheless the Nendo still capture the Porcelain Doll with Sharp blue stare look for Reinhard so i might get this one in place of Kotobukiya's figure.

 Speaking of the new LoGH Reboot, Die Neue These. Studio IG definitely did try their best to live up to the Previous OVA standard even though it won't reach the original OVA level because the latter had budgets and stellar director to back it up. One interesting thing that i find after reading the LoGH Novel is that the Original OVA actually fleshes out the Novel even further and did a great job on it, which is why the OVA stays legendary. At any rate i think the Tv series will close its 12-13 Episode with the conclusion of Amlitzer Battle just fine considering that was where the First volume of the Novel Ended. And i think IG Studio will use the movie to cover Lippstadt civil war arc which should work just fine with the pacing of that particular Arc. Die Neue These might not surpass the OVA but it gives the opportunity for the series to get Merchandises that the series deserves and i will try to support it as best as i could especially if we get the Flagship Model kits.

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