Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Persona 5 First Playthrough Complete!

 Ever since i own PS3 a while ago, Persona 5 has been one of the game in my bucket list to play as i followed the Persona series since the 3rd Game. After clocking around 70 Hours, i managed to complete my first playthrough for this game. Persona 5 is definitely a worthy successor of the series even though it feels that contents pruned off here and there in order to keep the game Polished. Overall the story of Persona 5 is darker than the previous games as it touch on uncomfortable subject that Japanese Society had. In terms of gameplay Persona 5 no doubt surpass its Predecessors and managed to raise the bar yet again with its very stylish presentation. But when it comes to storyline, it isstill up for debate. Persona 5 is a Great Game for sure but i find its setting too Depressing and Tokyo simply is not charming compared to Tatsumi Port Island or Inaba. For me, i find the game's theme of rebellion against establishment are slightly edgy and over the top for my taste. In the end Persona 3 still wins with its end game story while Persona 4 have better character synergy when compared to Persona 5. Nevertheless there are still plenty of opportunity of additional improvement that this game can get considering it lacks almost two months worth of content.

 Social Links has always been the meat of the Persona series and surprisingly i managed to complete all Social links in my first playthrough despite the shorter time constraint that Persona 5 had, which something that i couldnt achieve in Persona 3 and 4. This time i did couple of romance route for several confidant with Kawakami being my main choice, but this game sure makes you feel bad for a womaniser even compared to Persona 4 Confidant. When it comes to Social Link completion, as usual it is always about balancing personal stats development and spending time with the Confidants but i do have couple of pointers to make the attempt easier.

- Get Fortune Rank 7 ASAP as it saves time for the S-link completion with its non time consuming bond boost
- Devil and Sun Confidant provides huge charm stats with their S.link which are very useful for progressing Priestess Confidant which i find many people frustrated to. Whereas Tower gives good boost of Kindness stats for each S.link level
- Maxing Temperance S.link allows you to use nighttime slot after you went in dungeon, not as powerful as Fortune but it makes thing more convenient.
- Sun and Star Confidant are probably the most useful Combat related S.Link

 Gameplay-wise, Persona 5 is easier due to easier weakness exploitation as the enemies are part of Persona Compendium thus you are able to identify their weakness easier. As usual Yoshitsune is very Overpowered with his Hasshou Tobi and pretty much grind the Final Boss into pulp. The only regret that i had for my first playthrough is that I missed my chance to create the end game weapon as you need  to craft them from Persona and it is limited to one per day. I think i will probably get the weapon completion on second playthrough but i doubt i will do it anytime soon as i achieved most of my target during this first run. Persona 5 still got plenty of rooms to be improved so i expect a Golden version of the game would be released eventually. Now i think i will be ready to make coverage for Persona 5 related product which i certainly eager to do it.

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