Saturday, May 26, 2018

Yami's Megahobby 2018 and One Hobby G Expo Highlights

 Usually the big stuffs for Japanese Toys are shown on Wonderfest but for some reason this Year's Megahobby Expo catches my attention. This event mainly focus on PVC Figures so Bandai doesn't really have presence on this one. As usual FGO dominated the product lineups and the temptations are strong with this one.

 Being the host of the Event , Megahouse presents quite a number of their upcoming Merchandise with One Piece being the bulk of the product as usual. Their Desktop Army lineup piqued me up since they are making one for Nero from Fate/Extra which looks like a nice Alternative for Nendoroids. I think the FGO Petit Chara will sell quite well too which i wonder how many character they will sell per Box Set

 For me, I think Alter takes the Crown for Megahobby with their Gorgeous Figure lineup. Tessa Testarossa Figurine is a Godsend considering the lack of FMP related merchandise. Depending on the price tag, i might have my first  Jeanne Alter and Edmond Dantes definitely a superb choice for someone who look for Premium FGO Merchandise and i think the fangirls will break the bank for Proto Saber and Merlin figurine. Persona 5 Merchandise is also still going and i think Alter's version of Joker Figurine will be even better than Kotobukiya's. Surprisingly Amakuni did make figure for Persona 5 Death Confidant, Tae Takemi. If it is a figurine i think Lavenza or Makoto would have a bigger odds.

 Around the same time with Mega Hobby, I think Goodsmile held their own event called One Hobby which showcase their upcoming products. Being one of the most productive Japanese toy company out there, GSC floods the market with their Nendoroids and Figmas each month. The previous Prototypes of Nendo and Figmas are almost finished. I think it is likely for me to get the Konosuba Figmas and Nendo Yang Wenli. Phantom Thief Panther is joining the Persona figma lineup and i think Queen is likely to get one as well. In the PVC department we got another 1/7 Aqua which is too voluptuous. Louise from Zero no Tsukaima and Hatsune Miku is getting their wedding figurine which will be highly sought after by diehard fans and probably cost 20000-30000 Yen Price tag. Looking at the trend i think they are likely to include mock wedding certificate just like Sonico's.

I think on Summer Wonderfest we will get to see more development on the products shown in these two conventions which i will definitely make another coverage for it.


  1. I better save up my money for proto Saber even though I’m not a fan girl lolz. I just love Knight fantasy character in knight armour.

    1. Proto Saber is the exceptional example of shining white knight for sure. I definitely dont mind to get his figma when Max Factory is releasing one