Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sakura Taisen 1/8 ARTFX J Shinguji Sakura Review

咲いてみせます さくら... さくら..... さくら色

 Spring is almost over in Japan and in celebrating the occassion before the season is over, i am doing another Sakura Taisen Figure review! Last year i did one for Nendoroid Shinguji Sakura and this time i am reviewing the Gorgeous Artfx Figurine of Shinguji Sakura made by Kotobukiya! This item has been in my wishlist since the release and managed to get one early this year.

  Shinguji Sakura might not be my heroine in Sakura Taisen but she no doubt deserves the main heroine spot in the series. I decided to get this figurine as a way for me to support this series which really lack of new merchandise. This particular Shinguji Sakura Pose is based on the 4th Game Opening where she dances around mysterious masked figure who is likely the main antagonist of that game. My lighting for the Photo is rather lacking but i guess it replicates the vibe of being surrounded by Cherry Blossom at night which turns out fine i suppose .Kotobukiya nailed down Sakura's expression being a graceful japanese maiden, thats until Ogami looks at another girl. Jokes aside, Kotobukiya  definitely did a great job on making this figure for the titular Yamato Nadeshiko of Sakura Taisen.

  The Pink Koubu from Nendoroid Shinguji Sakura makes a good accessory to accompany this figure. It is as if the small koubu acts as Sakura's familiar cutting down any man ogling at Sakura save for Ogami. I happen to take quite a number of picture of Sakura with Koubu since i entered it for the HLJ Spring contest for the sake of participating. To me Sakura Taisen is what comes in mind when i have to think of something related to Japanese Spring.

 For a Sakura Taisen fan, i think Artfx J Shinguji Sakura is one of the best collectible item for Sakura Taisen because the series had a decade long of gap without having much noteworthy merchandise. I still hope Paris Kagekidan will get a new figure to represent them who is likely to be Erica Fontaine coming first. I think if thing goes right, next year we will be seeing more Sakura Taisen merchandise pouring with Sega announced a new game for the series to be released next year dubbed "Shin Sakura Taisen". I hope Sega won't disappoint with this one since a great series like Sakura Taisen doesn't need to be tarnished any further. But lets just wish the best for the series and i think i should finish my playthrough for Sakura Taisen 2 soon.

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  1. I always trust the quality of Kotobukiya figure. IMHO I find their figure better than their model kit. I impression of Sakura remains mainly with the SEGA Saturn game and yeah I recognized the main female protagonist. I think your pics are well taken despite u mentioned the low lightings. The background is very compatible to the figure with pink moving to peach colour.