Thursday, July 26, 2018

Alter 1/8 Edmond Dantes

 Type-Moon's take on Alexandre Dumas character from the classic series of Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes is finally getting official release announcement already. It is rare for Male Servants from FGO getting a figure and Avenger Class Servant Edmond Dantes is joining the fray! Slated for February 2019 release, Edmond Dantes comes with 12800 Yen price tag which is surprisingly cheaper than average Alter figure. In FGO, Edmond Dantes is portrayed as edgy character hell bent on revenge considering his design is based on certain Danganronpa character. I find find Edmond Dantes animation is very cool in the game and he makes a good pairing with Gudako apart from Karna though King Hassan will probably throw a fit. I am quite interested to get the figure since it is still within my price range and rather eager to get an Alter figure into my Collection despite skipping Tessa. Hopefully i can roll his character on his coming Limited Gacha next year

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