Thursday, July 19, 2018

July 2018 Loot

 Since i work in toys industry, i am getting most of my stuff through preorders these days and i just got some of them this month. I have featured most of them in this blog since they are in my hit list already save for Gundam Converge which i started to collect again after a long break. Out of these items, i probably hyped Sentinel's Mospeada the most because the series scarcely have toys. Probably Yang Wenli is the first to get reviewed out of the bunch being a PVC Figure. Whereas it will be a long time before i review the new F91 MG but i do look forward to the new features that the MG had over the old one.


  1. Sentinel's Mospeada sure wow me! Seriously, these are some no nonsense loot! All related to mecha anime 👍

  2. My Devotion toward mecha is still strong XD