Sunday, July 29, 2018

Yami's Summer Wonderfest 2018 Highlight

  Twice a year, Wonderfest always bring some high class temptations for toy collectors as usual and i am doing my part to highlight objects of interest. While i find Winter Wonderfest tend to have better lineup on prototypes, i find this summer to be equally good probably had to do with my focus shift less to Mecha nowadays.

 Fate Grand Order is still one of the strongest series receiving the most of Premium Merchandise, my hit target remains in figma lineup. The PVC Figure got good support from many manufacturers with Gilgamesh and Proto Saber looks the best. Since i got Helena in my team i begin to be interested with her figure.

In the figma department, Servants from Apocrypha and Shinjuku are getting some but the one piqued my interest is the Figma Gudao and Figma Cuirassier. With Gudao in his figma form, i can take a shot together with my other FGO Figma to replicate some harem shenanigan. As for Cuirassier i just need a decent Motorbike for my 1/12 figure and i think there is a good chance for Summer Salter to follow her.

 Persona 5 might not be as big as FGO but they do receive good support of Merchandise and plenty of them are in my hitlist. Max Factory appears to make complete team of Phantom Thief which i will likely get Makoto, though her Motorbike still up to decision depending on the price. Aoshima seems to make decent Arsene and Aigis action figure and may get the former if it is reasonably priced. For Nendoroid, Pyro Jack is getting a Nendoroid after a long gap with Jack Frost and i suppose thats the reason why GSC reboot the latter. In the PVC Department the series also got some decent support though i only care about Akechi's figure.

 For figures from other Series i took interest on are Konosuba, Odin Sphere and Sakura Taisen. Figma Megumin are finally colorised and we will likely to see her up for Preorder within two Months and i am rather surprised Kazuma to get his figma first rather than Darkness. Recently i just managed to Pick up Odin Sphere series and seeing the new product does piqued my interest though i still prefer Parform for this series. With the Reboot of Sakura Wars, we begin to see new figure coming up  with Shinguji Sakura seems to be getting another figure in her battle attire but i guess next Wonderfest will see more of the series.

 In the mecha Department, Sentinel still being the backbone of the genre which is very helpful. I might pick the Moderoid Demonbane since i need one to represent the series seeing Kotobukiya version is unlikely to be revived. Sentinel seems to release full team of Mospeada team after all with Houquet and Yellow getting theirs, The Power Armor deserve a good reuse since i bet it took a great effor to design it. But i am more interested with their prototype of Legioss which certainly look better than Evolution Toys which i will get as long as it havent exceed 20000 Yen range.

 As i Expected, Die Neue These also getting Ship Model kit and depending on the price, i will get Brynhild at least. Speaking of Motorcycles, Bubble Crisis is also getting an action figure which i might take a look on the anime soon because it is another Shinji Aramaki's work. Lastly i saw this SD figure of Scope Dog complete with Chirico which i might take an interest depending on the price.

For Summer Wonderfest it is two words for me, FGO and Motorbikes. There are so many choices for 1/12 Motorbikes which makes it even harder to commit for one of them. As usual once the individual release information are out, i will make a proper coverage out of it.

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  1. Lots of Fate Figures which I like! Did I see Bubble Gum Crisis at work?! That is awesome 👏