Monday, July 2, 2018

Fate/Extra Saber Nero Route

 It is almost six years since the last time i picked Fate/Extra and this time i settled my old debts with this game! Back then when i had finished Archer and Caster Route,  I had a hard time to commit for third playthrough just because i can't put up with repetitive gameplay of Extra. However as i play FGO and picked up Nero Bride few months ago, i decided to commit my third playthrough with Nero once again. Back then I avoided Saber Route back then because Saber Nero made poor impression to me as i find her design seems like another cheap cash-in saberface clone, but her character turns out more than meet the eyes.

  In terms of personality, Nero is the complete opposite of Artoria and i think she is meant to be that way. Compared to the Artoria, she is pompous at times and way more free spirited but tend to go overboard with her excess, unlike Artoria who is more stoic and dedicated to her duty as king of Britain. By this time Fate series has butchered Historical figures to the point of borderline distasteful and Nero is just part of those genderbend routine though she is the better lot of that practice.

 While Nero's personality can be considered immature compared to Artoria, she makes it up by being true for herself and her character was a fresh addition to Fate Series. Compared to Tamamo i guess Nero's love can be considered Purer because the way she express it, despite Tamamo still win for being a devoted Fox Waifu. At the end of the day While i still prefer Mikon, Umu definitely proved herself to be worthy of Main Heroine status.

This was the stats of Nero in my third playthrough which i tried to match her stats in FGO. Though this build had a hard time against end game boss because lacking of firepower. Stats wise, Nero is all rounded and probably the easiest character to pick in the first playthrough as her passive skill makes dungeon exploration easier with abundance of consumable drops and having auto-revive skill. Though her skill combos are not as abusable compared to Emiya or Tamamo.

 With Nero's Route completion, i am pretty much finished with Fate/Extra. While i doubt i will be doing 4th Playthrough, i think if such instance occured i probably pick Tamamo again while waiting her to show up in my Gacha. I will still look forward to the completion of CCC translation someday.


  1. I recently watched a lore video of Nero and it’s so tragic that it’s all too late to save her. At least I’m fiction she finally gets to be with her love, her master, at the end in the world of Fate.. Bride Nero ^_^