Thursday, July 12, 2018

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

 I am glad that i am able to get into Lost Planet! at first i thought this is your run of the mill shooting game but as expected from a japanese game, it is a Third Person with heavy dose of Mecha Actions. No Wonder /m/ did recommend this game for PS3. The story of Lost Planet is your typical Alien Sci-fi trope which i won't bother but the action bits are actually quite well made. For me the Mechas from this series called Vital Suits are the main selling point and the designs are surprisingly cool. PTX-40 Hardballer is probably the fan favorite considering it is the Posterboy, but GAB-25 is my personal favorite because Crab Legged Robot that can transform into Tank with Drill are big win in my book! While the mecha action in Lost Planet are realistic most of the time, the Final Boss Parts feels so much like Zone of Ender. I think Lost Planet is what prompts Square Enix to try their luck with Front Mission Evolved but unfortunately it didnt nail the balance that Lost Planet had for the Gunfighting and Mecha Action. What lacks for me in the first Game is probably the absence of the RPG element which could spice up the game but i will see if the Sequel will incorporate any of it. If i had Wii i will definitely give Tatsunoko vs Capcom a try because PTX-40 happen to show up in that game too.

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