Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1/72 Crest CR-C89E Oracle

Since i got new Laptop i am able to run PCSX2 again and played Armored Core Nexus which is surprisingly fun though wonder why /m/ hate this game. Ever since i finished All of the routes in Last Raven years ago, my skill in this game has improved vastly and going through Nexus is rather smooth. Since i got back into the series again, i kinda want to talk about Armored Core kits and this time i would like to feature Oracle the AC piloted by Evangel, a Raven who appeared in both Nexus and Last Raven. This version of Oracle is from Last Raven where Evangel acts as the Posterboy for Alliance. Appearance wise compared to other AC kits out there, Oracle gives the Hero kind of vibe due to its balanced armament and color scheme. However Evangel is more like a douche despite he seems to represent the good guy though he still have some redeeming features.

Combat wise Evangel is deadly in Middle-Close Combat since he can kill you really fast with his Linear Gun on his arm and his back. When it comes to piloting AC, Evangel is stronger than Jack-0 but still no better than Zinaida and He is the strongest in the mission where you are sent by Vertex to hunt him down though the 2nd Arena fight with him in Nexus are no Pushover either. The kit price is almost on par with AC4 kits costing around 4000 Yen but if opportunity arises i will get one. Also this is how Evangel looks like in AC Nexus

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