Thursday, October 15, 2015

Another batch of loots here!

I think i have spent abit too much over the Chinese golden week early this month getting rare stuffs from Taobao yet again. I spend almost 1000 RMB getting some MH and Persona stuffs as well as a Muvluv Kit. Overall i still get these items slightly cheaper than the official japanese price and some i might spend abit much but still in the end turns to be cheaper than getting them shipped from Japan because domestic shipping in China is really cheap.

For the loots this time i got CFB Rajang with DXF Lagiacrus X which makes decent pair then D-Arts Elizabeth and Thanatos from Persona which is Asian copy distributed by Bandai Hongkong which the sculpt looks legit enough which is acceptable for me since it is kinda hard to find the Japanese copy of the figurine without breaking a leg. I will definitely get P3 Protagonist Figma and i would imagine the chinese "Official" Good Smile Company would stock up one eventually. Lastly i also get Type-00C Takemikazuchi and i got it for around 250 RMB which is like 5000 Yen which is still reasonable enough and definitely will have it painted one day.

I won't be reviewing any of them anytime soon like my previous loots since i don't have the proper props at my current place but probably i will take some shots for the Lagiacrus X in few days.


  1. Looking forward to see that Avenger Takeru Type 00-C built.

  2. Nice loot! I have Monster Hunter DX but mine was bought loose and didn't have the boulder.