Thursday, October 8, 2015

Figma P3 Protagonist / Makoto Yuki

 While i am browsing figures of Makoto Yuki to complement D-Arts Thanatos which i am planning to get, i find a promotional poster about him getting a figma treatment which immediately puts my attempt to get his figure on hold. While up until now Makoto Yuki got couple of figures for him, he still doesn't get as much attention compared to his fabulous successor Yu Narukami thus doesn't get much mainstream treatment he much deserved. With the Persona 3 Movie airing i guess the series get more opportunities to chug out more merchandise. The figma announcement comes out around Wonderfest this year which for some reason i didn't notice. Soon enough we should get to see the prototype of the figma and i assume the price shouldn't be much different compared to Figma Yu Narukami.

 As generic as the name sounds the P3 Protagonist is named Makoto Yuki for a reason. In chinese
(i imagine the meaning in Japanese probably the same) 结成 理 means "forming the truth" or "becoming the truth" which are really aligned with Persona series core theme since they are based on Jungian Philosophy. While Yu Narukami is more popular guy because he is more fabulous i still prefer Makoto since subjectively speaking i find him more badass compared Yu for some reason. I have watched the first 2 movies and so far Makoto is kinda antisocial i just wonder if he will be as awesome as his incarnation in the game.

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