Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We Love Katamari

 Katamari series is one of the most original stuff i have seen in gaming world in my opinion and playing the game is just another whole different experience. Since i get PCSX2 running again obvious i give the series a try again from the original platform and play the 2nd Title of the series; We love Katamari. My first Katamari was the Me and My Katamari which is on PSP and made me instantly fall in love with the series. We love Katamari was kinda different than i expected, while i though it has bigger scale Levels, turns out it is not but at least you get to roll the Sun in this game! 

 Rolling things to oblivion surely lighten up your mood for some reason and Katamari is one of the better choice to unwind things from a bad day. Music plays really important part in Katamari since they contribute to the game that makes the experience of playing Katamari become such an Acid trip and We Love Katamari got some of the best song of the series. While the newer titles of the Katamari were disappointing especially the Vita one, at very least the PS2 Generation ones are undisputedly good games and doesn't really age.

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