Friday, October 16, 2015

Zoids Genesis

 Another backlog cleared from my constantly piling anime stash and glad finished the Series. Overall Zoids Genesis as kids anime is decent enough but as your regular stuff it is much left to be desired. The overall plot formula is based on previous Chaotic Century it is just that there are lack of the variations. The Dilga empire Zoids are really plain compared to Zenebas Empire as they only get 4 or 5 variants in the show which are basically more boring counterpart of Empire's Zoids. Even the  Zoids designs from protagonist that i find cool are only Murasame Liger and Sword Wolf. The sole redeeming point of Genesis for me is that it got good eyecandy Re Mii and Kotona and it is up to your preference to pick one. Worst part of the series is that the doesn't even get proper closure, i wished Tomy would have bothered to show the aftermath of the finale at very least.

 I think Genesis was intended to reboot the interest of the Zoids series through anime but i guess it failed at that considering Genesis was kinda in the part of twilight of 50 Episode anime shows that are used to promote toys as we don't see this type much anymore by mid 2000s. While the series is lackluster i would be happy to watch the series if i was a kid. If you are interested with Zoids series you can play Zoids Legacy game in GBA which is really fun but if you want Genesis stuff you can check SRW K and Zoids DS which are unfortunately still in Japanese. Lastly out of the two girls from Genesis, which one you prefer? Re Mii or Kotona?

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  1. I admit that I'm not a big fan of Zoids, but do like Chaotic Century and Genese has the same element. My fav mecha from this series had to be Command Wolf. I did play Legacy on GBA for a while back then and enjoyed upgrading the parts.