Saturday, October 17, 2015

DXF Monster Hunter Male Hunter Lagiacrus X Review

As Promised i am taking some shots for DXF Lagiacrus X,  I never expected Banpresto had a production line for figurine until i got this Lagiacrus X figurine. Impression wise it seems that DXF lineup appear to be big ticket ufo catcher price but the sculpt is still quite good for the caliber. I got the Lagiacrus X and its matching Gunlance for 200 RMB which is abit expensive that i should have spent. But i would expect the price turns to be the same if i ordered it from Japan anyway.

While the MH Monsters got some well-sculpted figures, the Hunters are less lucky to their monsters counterparts since there are not much Good Hunter figures out there. So far the majority are either Gashapon tier figure or Revoltechs or Garage Kits which are pricey. This makes well sculpted Hunter Figure are rather rare, while so far DXF lineup only offer 3 Hunter figures and non posable, their sculpt quality are way better than Revoltechs.

The Figures and the Weapons come separately so if you are trying to get this figure in Japan from Ufo Catcher you will probably will need to spend double effort to get the complete set. While The figure is non posable, Sculpt is really good and the figure got some solid weights on it. Other than Lagiacrus X, DXF also got hunter figs for Female Arzuros Blademaster w/ Switchaxe and Congalala Gunner w/ Bow. IIRC the Switchaxe box also comes with treasure box for some reason.

 Lagiacrus X is the rank variants of Lagiacrus armor first appearing in MH3U and also available on 4U. Compared to the regular Lagiacrus Armor Design, Lagiacrus X Helmet is open one and then bigger Shell Shocker Spikes on Torso as well as way shorter waist armor at least thats for the Male Hunter. Initially i planned to get the DXF Abyss Lagicrus figure since it mirrors my exact getup back in 3U,but it was too expensive thus i bought Lagiacrus X instead.

Armor Skill Wise, in the game Lagiacrus X is terrible match with the Gunlance since Lagiacrus X Blademaster is more oriented for Greatsword or other weapons that heavily reliant on Focus. I never made Lagiacrus X in 3U as i don't main GS but did made Abyss set for my Lancer and slays lots of monsters with this armor.

 I also took some shots with the Rajang Statue i just got a while ago and no doubt the DXF figure match well the CFB statue. From the shots i am trying to show the impression of intense exchange of glares between the Hunter and Rajang as the hunter warily closing in on the observing Rajang who from that position either may shoot Kamehameha from its mouth  or throw some large objects or just pounce on the hunter straightaway. In the game probably the Lagiacrus X dude would be screwed since GL is poor weapon choice to face Rajang and unless the Lagiacrus X got some good guard skills he will be constantly knocked back by Rajang's powerful blows.

I wished there would be more MH Hunter figures in the future since the series do deserve more with plenty of awesome armor designs to pick. If i can choose one Armor design to get a figure treatment it would be Kaiser X since it looks really majestic with the capes and simply my favorite in 4U. I don't think i will touch MH X since i decided 4U to be my last Monster Hunter on 3DS as i just find MH and Nintendo doesn't match well. You can check on Mandarake if you are interested with DXF MH figures since they stocked up from time to time. I also recall Volks did have Action Figure of regular Lagiacrus Blademaster that comes with SnS and GS though i think it is quite expensive. Also here is the Abyss version of Lagiacrus that i tried to get at first.

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