Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gunka no Baltzar/Balzer

Another promising manga i happen to see when lurking the web as long as the author doesn't screw up. From a first glance the series give an impression of mixture of Koukoku no Shugosha, Pumpkin Scissors and a sprinkle of Valkyria Chronicles. The story roughly take place in 19th century-esque setting narrating about the life of Bernd Baltzar, a promising young officer of Weissen;roughly equivalent of Germany who is climbing up through promotions and suddenly find himself sent to Allied nation which kinda resemble Austria to serve as Instructor adviser in military academy but it turns out his task is not a simple one as he is given an important role that may affect the relationship of different nations.

The main selling point of the series is to show a glimpse of Europe looks like in 19th Century with the dawn of Industrial Age that follows with Twilight of Line Infantries and Monarchy and sprinkled with ideas of Socialism. While the story takes on fictional setting, so far the manga displayed these characteristics very well. The main Character Bernd Baltzar is well written character too, he doesn't need any Hax power to accomplish his goals unlike those recent emo betamax shonen protags. He just rely on his wits to get through sticky situations and his promotions are no fluke either as Baltzar is competent in both Military and Killings. Even so while he is good at killing and sometimes resort to utilitarian method, he still have his Conscience which makes his character likable. Also i find that Baltzar kinda look like younger Zengar from SRW for some reason. I wonder if he will get together with his reverse trap student. Anyway if you like this manga you can give Koukoku no Shugosha a read as well.

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