Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Front Mission Wander Arts Zenith

  Front Mission is one of those series that seriously lacks merchandise like some other Gritty Real Robot Series. Square Enix did make an official release announcement for a Front Mission action figure dubbed Wander Arts lineup. The first one to make it into this lineup is no other than the workhorse Wanzer of OCU faction, Zenith. Bring Arts Zenith comes with two variants, Urban and Desert Camo and design wise it is based on the first game. Scheduled for September Release, Wander Arts Zenith comes with the price tag of 9000 Yen. This would have been still acceptable if the size is comparable with Robot Damashii or SRC but it is a 12 Cm toy for almost 100 USD price tag. The sculpt looks great but this is one of those products that the manufacturer shoot itself in the foot due to the absurd price tag. I suppose either Square Enix lack of expertise in sculpting mecha action figure or it just want to spite the original creator of Front Mission series. Almost a decade ago Square Enix did make another Front Mission toy with 15 Cm Size and it was only half of this Bring Arts Price tag. While i was eager to get a Front Mission based toy, this is a skip for me and i will just wait more reasonable version of the toy even if it is model kit.


  1. Have seen this together with the beige version on PO. Better to have it in action figure then model kit for the weight and robustness.

    1. The problem with Action figure is that the inherent cost will be higher compared to model kit. Square Enix could have outsource the R&D to other company to cut down prices.