Thursday, June 28, 2018

1/7 Teletha Testarossa Maid Ver

 We rarely get any good PVC Figure for Full Metal Panic Heroine so Alter's take on Tessa is a blessing. Unfortunately their 1/7 Figure which was shown few weeks ago for her falls on pricier side. Slated for February 2019 Release, The maid version costs 17800 Yen though most shop tag it for higher price. This version of Tessa wearing Maid outfit while holding P90 SMG is probably based on an episode from the new season for Full Metal Panic. Personally i prefer Tessa over Chidori for some reason but probably because she tries her best to gain Sousuke's affection. Unfortunately i will skip this one since my price range is around 14000 Yen so i will wait for another rendition for her Figure. Most likely Chidori will get her figurine as well. Speaking of the FMP game, Tessa had a wedding ending in her route so that one probably will go to my headcanon.


  1. The price tag is quite high though. I invested my penny on the Metal Build Arbalest : )

    1. Money Well Spent on MB compared to this Figure for sure