Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1/144 Mirage Sarion Review

I guess i am not ready yet for FSS kits.

Just finished working on this kit yesterday after applying clear coat for it, took me around 5 days to finish this kit and just finished since i am really busy last week. The overall result does not reach my target but it is much better than my previous LED Mirage.

This is the first kit that i tried to panel line with Enamel paint which works but apparently the color is not the one that i expect to get probably because i put too many thinner when i mix the paint. My main disappointment with my kit is that either i am too stingy with the white paint or i choose wrong white paint which makes the white color is too different with the one shown in the box cover. The other mistake that i did is to apply the decal when the plastic suface is way too dry.

Probably the reason i decided to build this kit is because the Headdliner of Mirage Sarion is my favorite character of FSS. The Headdliner of this MH is none other than Sarion or more known as Ikaruga Ouji, one of the most loyal subject of Amaterasu and also 3rd in line of his successor.

Ikaruga Ouji and his Fatima, Maier

Ikaruga Ouji is one of the Mirage Knights, elite Headdliners that who serve for Amaterasu. Ikaruga Ouji is the leader of one of the Mirage Knight division known as Green Left, his Mirage Knight number is GL 04. The reason why Ikaruga is one of the leader of Mirage knight is due to his great potential as Headdliner because he possess Diver ability which gives him greater potential than normal Headdliner.

Young Sarion

Sarion is Ikaruga's kid name just like Ladios Sopp for Amaterasu before he is given a new name by Amaterasu. He was born in one of AKD Royal family branches and when he is a kid, Sarion is abit psychopatic and unstable since he is rejected by his parents due to his Diver's ability which result him killing his parents that lead him to be put into Green Left division and imprisoned in devil's tower. Even though he is a psychopath, he is very loyal to Amaterasu. He leads a rebellion once to overthrow Lachesis when Amaterasu was away because Sarion thinks that a fatima does not suit to rule AKD as the queen though his rebellion failed during the progress. Sarion redeems himself by leading defense of the Floating palace during the invasion of Black three which caused Amaterasu to give him a new name and positions.

The reason why i like Ikaruga Ouji is not because his present but the future he promise, in the future Ikaruga Ouji will make a name for himself during the skirmish on planet Addler where he is so efficient in the battle which makes everyone in the floating palace bow to him during that time. Ikaruga's power level at that time probably as good as or even better compared to a Sword Saint since even as a kid, Douglas Kaien has hard time fighting with him which makes him also known as LED(Probably refer to LED Mirage or LED Dragon).

Ikaruga Ouji earn his custom LED Mirage due to the reasons i mentioned above, the difference with the regular LED Mirage is that some of the part that is silver in color are black instead. The most distinct difference is the Head crest which makes this MH stands out of the LED Mirage. Mirage Sarion also has 2 custom Speids mounted on both side skirt.

Since there are extra decals given for this kit i decided to apply some of it, as for the Veil perhaps i should have put the Letter "E" on the upper right since most people read horizontally. The letters refers to FEMC which is the organization that Mirage Knight belongs to and stands for "First Easter Mirage Corps"

Just like i said in the opening, it seems that i am not ready yet to handle FSS kits since the result is still not satisfying. For your interest the orange diamond emblem on the Helmet is the insignia for AKD royal family which Ikaruga Ouji belongs to.

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