Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mokei Hobby Show 2010

There are some kits that i am interested shown in the show.

All pics are from HLJ.

From the report of HLJ about the hobby show, there are 3 kits that catches my eyes.

First is the new kit of Frame Arms lineup from Kotobukiya, the name of the mecha is SA-17 Rabielle. It looks pretty cool and remind me of Gerbera Tetra, maybe i will consider to get this kit.

The 2nd kit that i am interested is the D-Style Dancougar, i have been interested with Dancougar since i used it in SRW @3 and easily one of my favorite units. I don't really think that i will ever get D-Style lineup but for sure i will watch Dancougar.

The last kit is MYZR-Delta kit from Virtual-On series made by Hasegawa, the details are good for sure if it is from Hasegawa. I am really tempted to get this kit but probably my lack of knowledge regarding the series will discourage me to get it.

You can get the information from HLJ blog.

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