Friday, October 15, 2010

Fate Unlimited Blade Works

My opinion about the movie and mostly are rants.

Last week i finished watching the movie and i am pretty much dissappointed and probably some other TypeMoon Fans as well. For general audiences the movie might not that bad but for me as TypeMoon fans it was really disappointing., the main reason of my dissappointment of this movie is that the way that it tells the story is terrible and some changes with the plot are no better than the original one. I have to admit that 2 hours movie won't be able to cover the 10 hours worth of material but at least explain some matters in more detail.

The movie indeed cover all major events of the Route and they try to do it as faithful as possible with some minor differences. The movie is based on  the Realta Nua version and the ending is using the true ending. Overall animation quality is superior however the scenes are poorly executed . The battle scene are so-so and it does not represent Holy Grail wars at all where servants unleash their Noble Phantasms to each other, the most battle scenes are the Dork Shirou struggling with his opponents with Kanshou and Byakuya and no other weapons. GARcher is not GAR enough in this movie for certain reason and even some Servant didn't show their Noble Phantasm at all.

Here are some differences that i can list off between the Visual Novel with the movie adaptation and some of them are kinda crucial.
  • The Andromeda Fortress is activated in the afternoon where the incident in the VN occurs in the morning
  • Kuzuki Sensei, master of Caster is revealed to be the Master after Saber is kidnapped which makes the killer of Rider is not revealed in the movie
  • Archer did not use Caladbolg against Lancer, in VN i think Archer used the weapon once since Caladbolg is Bane for Lancer and Archer knew the true identity of him.
  • The death scene of Caster is different since in the VN caster used herself as shield to protect Kuzuki from the weapon barrage unleashed by Archer and Kuzuki was not injured at all until he try to attack Archer which results him to be killed.
  • Archer didn't clash with Assasin in the VN iirc since he just went off without confronting him, i can't confirm this though
  • Shirou is aware that Archer is himself while in the VN Archer reveal his real identity which shocks Shirou pretty much.
  • When Shirou and Rin try to enter the Forest where Einzbern castle located, Rin is tricked by illya which injured Rin abit in the VN while Shirou and Rin enter the castle directly and saw Illya's death.
  • During the final fight of Shirou with Archer, Shirou stabbed archer with Byakuya while in VN he stabbed Archer with Gram or Durandal(forgot which one)
  • During the fight with Gilgamesh when Shirou activated his UBW already, they fight directly in close combat which does not make sense since. Where the VN version Shirou and Gilgamesh went into ranged combat by shooting their swords and Gilgamesh is cornered because his Gate of Babylon unable to replenish the weapons which forced him to close combat.
That's all that i could remembered, though i believe there are some more that i have forgot. The only new thing shown is that Archer told that he managed to save the world from the major crisis once though i don't know if he able to do this when he is alive or when he became Counter Guardian.

I guess the movie is released because probably TypeMoon is planning to release new product but i guess i can only see the Movie as the attempt for milking the Fate franchise. If you are new to Fate you won't be able to understand most of the things since the movie is so badly compressed which left some things unexplained. Archer the main character of this Route itself is dissappointing probably his lack of actions and his resolution to kill Shirou was not covered which makes him less badass compared to his VN version. I would suggest you guys to play the VN rather than watching the movie seriously.

Final Score: Movie:5/10

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