Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1/72 VF-1A Review

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting.

Finally i am able to post the review for this kit at last, i was not able to do so because recently i am busy with my assignments despite i finished this kit last week.

If my memory serves right, VF-1A is used by UN SPACY serving as their main force, either this Valkyrie or VF-1D served as cannon fodder throughout the series of SDF Macross so you will see a lot of them destroyed by Zentradis. Hikaru Ichijo and Maximillian Jenius used this VF in alternative paint scheme when they joined the Skull Squadron under command of Roy Focker. This VF is also your first playable unit when you play Macross Ace Frontier in PSP.

Comparison with 1/144 VF-1A training version

I got the 1/144 VF from an Ebay Merchant when i bought /172 VF-1J Max&Milia, the Gashapon is pretty good. When i tried to build this kit my mind always juggle whether to give the color of VF-1A Brown or Orange but in the end i choose Brown which suits Jet Fighters used in Air battles only.

I won't be showing any gerwalk pose since the cockpit  has some issues that makes me decide not to pose it in that form. I really should make comparison of this Bandai version of VF-1 with the Yamato lineup. It seems the Torso look pretty big.

Compared to my 1/72 VF-1S, the paint job of VF-1A is much better and i guess i should be content with it. The brwon paint is excellent only the white paint that makes me sad since i should have bought white primer when i tried to paint the parts in white.

As i have told before in my 1/72 VF-1S, don't expect any good articulations with this kit considering this lineup was released on 1990 especially the legs. What sadden me the most is the Gaps issue that you can see in the legs, apparently i have found that it is due to the internal wheel gimmick and definitely next time i won't use it when i build my VF-1Js. If i still had the VF-1 decals from Hasegawa, this kit would look much better

Building this kit is pretty much fun experience overall, you should try this kit when you had enough experience and want to have a bit challenge which i think Gundam kits are lacking off.

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