Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ACE portable announced?!

Sorry if the pics is upside down since there is something wrong with the image upload.'

Found this Famitsu scan on /m/ ,It seems another wish of mine come true again. The game is scheduled for early next year. The units announced so far are pretty much combination of all ACE series with some casts are chopped out here and there, and this is the first debut of Gundam 00(S1 only hopefully) series out of the gundam games. Probably another reason why i will get my PSP back.The units that i am looking forward to use(again) are: Gundam SEED, Macross Plus and L-Gaim. For the gameplay wonder if this game will retain the same system with ACE:R or it will be a new one but one thing for sure, there is a good chance for multiplayer even for co-op mission.

Wonder if any SRW OG cast will be in this game or what will be the original units?

Since it is too early to predict anything so far, i will be waiting for more news regarding this game.


  1. Wow... the PSP is like getting all the good mecha games lately.

  2. Hope PSP will get another SRW after this game.