Friday, October 1, 2010

Macross II lovers again

It was not that bad as many people said

So i just finished this OVA to understand the background story of the kit from this series that i planned to build which is 1/100 VF-2SS. The series itself is alright though it is easily the weakest of the Macross series but it is not a bad anime. The story takes place 80 years after the SDF Macross ended and Earth is repopulated once again, now Earth is facing another danger again from warring race known as Marduk who employs Zentradi warriors to fight for them by mind control with song from their singers which they refer as Emulators.

The main protagonist in this series is Hibiki Kanzaki a young journalist unlike other Macross male protagonists who are Valkyrie Pilots, Hibiki try to make a fame for himself by getting sensational news though his attempts are often hindered by UN Spacy censorship. During one occassion when recording footage of the war with Marduk which UN Spacy assume as normal Zentradis attack at this point, Hibiki found a young girl  unconscious in damaged battleship and retrieve her. Later the young girl reveal her name as Ishtar(later she tells Hibiki that she is Marduk's Emulator) and they get along well. Hibiki teaches Ishtar about the culture of Human race since she was not aware of it until she is taken back by Marduk and Hibiki got himself captured. Ishtar tried to tell her race about Human culture since her race only know war and Emulator only sing song of war. I will only tell the story up to this point and rest you can either watch the OVA or look for it in Wiki.

The Macross 2 lovers again inherit all distinct traits of Macross series which are Dogfights, Songs and Love triangle. In this series the love triangle are between Hibiki, Ishtar and Silvie Jenus, current Ace pilot of UN Spacy who is acquinted with Hibiki. As for the songs they are pretty good to listen though not as powerful as Minmei's or Fire Bomber, One of the song in this series is also the theme for the Jamming Bird in Macross 7. For Dog Fight there are decent amount of Itano Circus but it is a pity that too many Valks got trashed in this OVA

Probably another reason that i am interested with the OVA is the design of VF-2SS which i find it to be really cool and easily one of my favorite.

Probably the reason why this series is not popular is because the ending is kind lacking and if you have watched Macross DYRL before you will find that the ending is kinda similar with little twist, abit spoiler i wished that Hibiki would have chosen Ishtar since his relationship with Silvie is kinda forced. I would recommend Macross fan to watch the OVA before judging the series since it deserve to be recognised.

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