Monday, October 11, 2010

Watched Bakemonogatari

More monogatari rather than Bakemono

Last week i finished watching this anime and i guess i know why the anime is very popular among the Otakus, the story overall is so-so but it is beautifully represented and moreover there are plenty of fan services along the episode.

The story focus around Koyomi Araragi 3rd year high schooler who just revert to human after becoming vampire. He is trying to help people who has problem which are related with supernatural and the first person he saved is Hitagi Senjogahara.

Hitagi is first person helped by Araragi and the lead heroine of this series, her personality is tsundere and her tsun-tsun mode is pretty scary. She constantly verbally abused Araragi along the story though she genuinely has feelings with him.

The whole story are divided into several cases where Araragi helped the victim, all of the people that Araragi saved are female and their cases are named after animals from crab, snail, monkey, snake and cat. Just i said in the beginning the Anime does not really have supernatural theme compared to other supernatural titles like Ghost Hunt instead it has lots of drama. The story looks really complex but it is really simple in actuality since the solutions of the story are very simple and the result is pretty predictable.

In my opinion the anime looks really solid at the beginning and i can say the method of the representation is very creative. However as the story progresses somehow i find the story become downhill probably due to repetitive way of representation and the story is not that good as promised. The expression that suits the best with this anime is probably An empty box which is wrapped beautifully as if it is a gift box. Nevertheless i really like the 13th episode and it would be really good if this episode served as conclusion of the anime. Probably i will give a watch with Kizumonogatari since i want to see how good is Araragi when he is a Vampire.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

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