Monday, October 4, 2010

Break Blade

Referring to the Movie and some opinions about it.

So i watched the first 2 movies adaptation of this new mecha series yesterday. The animation quality is great but i suppose it is kinda premature for making a movie adaptation for the relatively new manga. The first 2 movies cover the earlier parts of the manga where the main protagonist pilot the mecha that no one able to use and fend off the invaders which is ironically his best friend. The Movie stops up to Main protagonist decided to leave from his friend's city and going back to his home(kinda vague isn't it?) due to feeling guilty of causing one of the soldier to unnecessary death.

The lead mecha in this series is Delfing which signify the broken blade, main protagonist use this mecha which nobody other than him able to pilot since only people with no magical ability able to pilot this mecha.

The first fight of Delfing is against Eltemis where one of the main character's best friend piloted one of these mecha, Eltemis is pretty strong opponent compared to the current grunt units since they are able to shoot from longer range.

I have been interested with the series since i read the manga which i find to be pretty good though i am not convinced yet with the mecha design. It is really sad that the translation for the manga is temporarily stopped. If you have read the Manga there are nothing in particular to miss from the Movie since the movie follow the manga really faithfully. The manga had very good potential with the story considering there are alot of thing yet to be covered such as the background of Delfing. Hope that the Giant companies won't be messing up this series for the sake of gaining profit just like Kurogane no linebarrel

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