Sunday, October 17, 2010

1/144 Mirage Sarion WIP(part 1)

Probably the last kit that i will make before taking a break for a while.

Today i am working on the painting for 1/144 Mirage Sarion. It seems until now i just appreciated the kits released from Wave. Even though FSS kit lineup from Wave has no articulation, it is very easy to paint and took me a day only to finish the painting since i have prepared the parts to be painted already the day before.

I used 4 different spray paint for this kit which are Black, White, Silver Leaf and metallic gold. I used white paint mostly since most of the armor are white in colour and then Black come in 2nd for painting some armor and inner parts as well. I use Silver little and very few paint of gold since this kit doesn't require that many,

From the picture i shown you you can see there are 2 Veils, apparently i painted the wrong veil which is the veil for Mirage Colus that somehow included in this kit. I will use that veil to test my enamel painting panellining before i do it on my Mirage Sarion.

This is the finished result of the Speid, i am really satisfied that the silver color really match as intended, it seems my masking is abit off for the sword hilt but doesn't really matter since it will be hold on the hand anyway.

By tomorrow, i will have finished the assembly already and probably decalling and the panellining.

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