Monday, November 28, 2011

1/100 Shiranui Nigata Isumi Valkyrie Version

Seems like Kotobukiya tries to catch up its Muvluv lineup again by announcing another new addition for the lineup which is Shiranui Nigata/ Mk II Isumi Valkyrie version which will be released in March next year with price of 4800 Yen. This version of Shiranui is the mass production version of Shiranui that Yuuya Bridges used in Total Eclipse as the shoulder armor is completely different with Regular Shiranui and used Japanese Imperial Guard color scheme. This Shiranui bears the emblem of Isumi Valkyries as it is supposedly used by the 3 survivors of the Squad which are Misae Munakata, Kazama Touko and Suzumiya Akane. Probably this version of shiranui is well known for participating offensive operation in Cheorwon BETA Hive 2 years after Muvluv Alternative.

I don't think i will get this kit either since the only conditions for me to get one does not exist in this kit. Probably this version of Shiranui used the same frame with the Demonstrator version which was released early this year though i don't know there will be any particular difference with the ofrmer one. Hopefully Kotobukiya would be release a new TSF kit rather than another repaint which i could see Fubuki or Soviet TSFs getting one next.


  1. Cool mecha with the ninja style. The rifle in a way is kind of GM Type- C from Gundam...

  2. @Dennis i would suggest to get Integral Works if you can since you can learn about Muvluv Universe and the TSFs without playing the game.