Wednesday, November 16, 2011


If you ask me what is the best martial arts manga i have ever read, it would be Kenji in my opinion. The manga revolves about the journey of a japanese boy called Kenji mastering chinese martial art called Bajiquan along with other Chinese martial arts while seeking his whereabout of his grandfather. The manga started when Kenji is still a boy with right sense of justice then continued to his adolescent time which is the main part of the manga. The reason why i find this manga surpass its value in martial arts compared to popular titles like Strongest Disciple Kenichi or Karate shoukoshi Kohinata Minoru is that it is one of the few manga that have quite accurate depiction of martial arts and have some well written explanations without overly biased perspective. While the story near the end of the series is not really good, the manga is still really enjoyable to read until the end. Kenji is probably one of the few japanese martial arts manga that depicts chinese kungfu in modern settings really well and one of the best ever written.

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